Life on a farm can be crazy at times but we always have a lot of fun. 

We run a family farm in the beautiful Cornish countryside where we farm cows, pigs, goats and even a couple of little chickens. All of our animals have a beautiful view of the sea on one side and our famous ‘Beacon’ on the other.

Join us and learn about the daily life of our farm, our adventures, and the animals we live with


One of our South Devon cows and her beautiful calf

Farm History

Our farm was been in the family for nearly 100 years, passed through the generations, and with each it has changed and been rejuvenated. In recent history, the farm housed  and bred sheep that often won rosettes and trophies at local and county shows. Alongside the sheep the farm was home to a lot of horses, in particular, shire horses. These horses, in the past, were used to farm the land, and in more recent days were decorated and used for shows and parades.

While the family has ventured into other areas of farming as well, such as geese farming and pig breeding, we have always had our South Devon cows, which we still have with us today.

The Farm Today

The farm today is home to a variety of different types of animal. We have with us an ever-growing herd of South Devon cattle, and a last remaining Shire Horse named Ben. If you take a venture through this site you’ll get to meet and learn about all of our animals, as well as learn about and keep up to date with the day to day goings on on a Cornish farm.

We work together as a big family to raise and look after our animals as best we can, and we love it! Plus, if you ever want to visit we even have a lovely family run campsite, just click here for info.

We hope you enjoy!



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